Goodwill Gems [10.10.16]

Today was my only off day for the entire week and I decided to head to Goodwill to look for pieces for my Halloween costume and to see what else I would stumble upon. It’s always a hit or miss for me when I go but today was a definite hit! Not only did I find pieces for my costume (all I need now is thigh high socks and I’m set…I’m going as a plaid ass schoolgirl) but I found other gems that will go with my personal style. Check them out below! (P.S. if you ladies (or even guys) would like to see these pieces in action, comment below and I will make a style video.)

Victoria’s Secret Green Floral Silk Dress

As you know by now, silk dresses are a go-to staple for celebrities and the everyday fashionista. I took some advice from my girl, Ashia, who told me to check the lingerie/pajama section of GW for silk dresses and I lucked up. This sexy lime green silk dress is from Vicky’s Hush Hush and features a cute bow detail on the right strap and on top of the slit at the bottom with lace details on top and bottom. You can wear this for your man in the bedroom or even pair it under a sick jacket with tall boots.



Light Pink Asian-Inspired Silk Jacket 

I really couldn’t believe someone would give this away but all I can say is, one woman’s trash, is Dazzi’s treasure. It fit perfectly and that was even more reason for me to grab this gem. I love light pink and the aesthetics of Asian culture displayed on this jacket. Roses, roosters and dragons are embroidered on the jacket making you stand out even more. This along with the silk dress from above would give you a crazy funky look that won’t be meant for shy girls.


Magenta Ski Jacket

Lil Wayne told us, “…see it’s a cold world, so homie bundle up” and I will be doing just that with this awesome ski jacket I found. The last time I owned a ski jacket was in middle school and it was from Abercrombie; ever since then I haven’t been able to find one that was A. in my size or B. cute enough for me to sport. Thanks to the thrift gods I found this magenta ski jacket that has really nice embroidery on the collar that buttons in the front with the buttons matching the detail. It also features a super big hood to keep gusty, cold winds away from your ears and head along with a great amount of pocket space. I can’t wait to rock this on those snowy CT days.


Studded Black Turtleneck Sweater

I caught this one standing in line and I almost lost my place because my siblings wouldn’t stand there for me but I’m glad I saw this nonetheless. I have this growing collection of turtlenecks and since the only black one I have is cropped and pretty thin, a heavy one that covers all my skin was needed. The neck is pretty big which is great for comfort purposes and the cute little stars make me smile. I also like the amount of studs-they aren’t overbearing and cluttered. I actually hated wearing turtlenecks when I was younger so the fact I have a collection now is pretty funny to me.


Light Pink Plaid Frayed Blazer

This piece gives me total Coco Chanel and Hilary Banks vibes and it’s the perfect addition to my Halloween costume. The length goes a little past my booty which I like in blazers and the frayed texture adds some major flair. You can wear something like this to the office, dinner or if you ever need to slay at an event. Either way, this one will be a conversation starter and it won’t make you look like a grandma if paired correctly with a LBD.


Original Mickey Mouse Tie and Blue/Pink Plaid Tie

Last but not least are these two ties I found. The plaid tie goes along with my costume as well and the pink is what I really like about it. The Mickey Mouse tie states on the back “Exclusively Made For The Walt Disney Company” making this is a super OG tie. My boyfriend is fond of the creative genius that is Walt Disney and I got this tie for him but I might steal it because I like the paisley design and how Mickey isn’t plastered all over the tie.



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