SPORTS aka Sporty Spice Gives Exclusive Fit Mix for MADE Sydney


Flower power to the most high for MADE getting Madeline Carr aka Sporty Spice who is better known now shortly as, SPORTS, to bless us all with a fit mix for all the babes. This is in honor of this upcoming weekend’s event called MADE Sydney which will be dedicated to fashion, skate and music and SPORTS will be one of the many artists on stage for the festivities. As detailed on MADE, “‘Sportive’ to mean playful and light-hearted, Sports plays a range of genres with an erratic optimism fueled by her passion for the Australian music scene as well as the unifying nature of dance music.” She entitles the mix “SK8 OR DIE” and starts off with a hard-spitting femcee over an eclectic, hop-pop beat and it just turns up an extra notch from then on. You can hear the passion for the above genres throughout the whole mix. I need a tracklist for this because SPORTS has put me on to some greatness that I’ve never heard before. Put yourself on below and check out the whole article on SPORTS on MADE here.

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