The Future of America: Where To Go From Here


This morning I wake up to a text from a close friend studying abroad in Finland saying, “I’m….I’m devastated”. I thought it was just more boy trouble that we spoke on yesterday so of course I was ready to be there and asked what was wrong. She replies, “This election”, and immediately I knew what that meant. Donald Trump had won the presidential race. Right now, everyone is trying to find someone to blame, including myself. I at first wanted to blame the individuals who wrote in candidates that weren’t even candidates such as Bernie and a rumor going on around that 11,000 wrote in Harambe. If that is true, I can now conclude that people have gotten to the point where they think everything is a joke. You have others who said they didn’t need to vote because our votes don’t matter and the electoral college will just decide for us and people want to blame them. Others are just here for the “F**k America” cause and have an opinion on nothing. From the beginning of Trump announcing his run for president he has done nothing but stirred up more hate, stereotypes and just downright racism into our melting pot that we did not need. To be honest, I thought Hillary was going to win but now that I really think about it….that wasn’t the plan. I wanted to see a woman become president immediately after a black man. It just made a little bit too much sense at the end of the day. They gave us a black president for two terms and within those two terms, as much as I love Obama, you have to see what they started to create while he was in office. Towards the end of his second term, we saw more and more black lives being not only threatened but taken away by police officers causing tensions to really flare. People that pay attention know that police brutality is nothing new but it has never been highlighted in the forefront during any other presidency within my generation and even the one before. It’s just as if they wanted us to believe that Obama being in office is the reason we are coming to a race war. That’s just not the case. Our country was founded on hatred and they just needed a coy. However, we now have a bigot that will be taking over office and he has only heightened the whole idea of a “race war” (to me also a “gender war”) and not even just between blacks and whites. We all know the statements he has made so I’m not here to repeat those but everything has lead up to this. Trump says that he is for “everybody” and that it is time for “America to come together”. This doesn’t add up to how he wants to get rid of people that are a particular culture or background that are already U.S. citizens or on the right path to becoming one. We should be welcoming these people and helping them to feel comfortable in our county. Now that Trump will be president, he needs to be held accountable for these statements and see that how he thinks is hypocrisy if he really wants to be for everyone.

Even with the vast amount of Blacks and Latinos that did vote for Clinton, it wasn’t enough to stop the many white men and women that did vote for him. The huge amount of white women that voted for him really surprised me. How could they not want to see one of their own take over? Has the misogynistic nature of America brainwashed them that much? I had one white woman BEG me to vote for Trump two nights ago. It was the weirdest encounter ever because I’m not only a woman but Black so why did she feel like her words were going to sway me? Her justification was that, “Everyone has said nasty things about others but Trump isn’t a criminal”. How many of us ran for POTUS though? The insensitivity and ignorance is nerve racking. Even Jay-Z and Beyoncé couldn’t get Hillary to win but I also believe they jumped on the bandwagon too late. They didn’t show support for Obama that late in the race. They were with him from the start, so it goes to show that no one really knew who to put the hands of America in. Rappers and other black influences made it clear from the start that Trump was not the answer and even with hip-hop having such an impact on society today…it just wasn’t enough.

Many of us are afraid of what could happen. The entire system is Republican which is not a good sign at all but we do not need to be afraid. This is our time more than ever now to organize and mobilize! We can not let Trump or anyone else for that matter scare us under rocks and we lay around and do nothing. More than ever we need to educate and continue to build our communities. It is 2016 and we have all of the resources plus some to build our own future and not be scared into thinking what we have will be taken away. That might have been the case in the past but not now. I fully believe that as a people, a majority, we can succeed in doing this. Hatred has never won. It seems like it has but it has not and will not. Tensions will continue to rise, that is without a doubt but if we pay attention to the negative instead of positively creating the change we need then of course we will fail. Get more active in your community, talk to the leaders, become a leader, educate the people (more importantly the children) and stay calm and aware. The last thing we need is clouded judgment during this storm.

To me, this is the final frontier. This will be the last time that these kind of individuals are in power. Their time is dying out and if we just stay strong and really come together, we will be able to win and lead our country and world in the right direction. That is the main reason that we should not be afraid. We are the generation that is taking over next and it’s already happening. We are not here for racism and tearing people apart. Our collective minds are focused on building and progressing. The creative bunch that will change the world. If we keep this mindset, everything will work out.


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