NEXT x KXNG Crooked (Video)


KXNG Crooked wants whoever is “NEXT” to do their best and never fail the test in his newest visual that comes from his companion piece FreEP, Valley Of The KXNGS. This comes on the eve of his new album drop, Good Vs Evil, which will be an incendiary and unapologetic audible call to arms that demands to not only be heard—but processed. With our nation seeming to be more divided than ever, especially with the election of our new president, this album directly tackles the boiler-plate issues that are permeating society as a super-hero persona from an alternate reality; racial and economic injustices, unprovoked police brutality (and the glaring lack of accountability), a deteriorating educational system, governmental agencies that willingly pump poison into its communities, systematic racism and a basic disregard for civil rights. “NEXT” gives us that light of positivity in the mix of it all and speaks to anyone out there wanting to be great. Check it out below.

Pre-order Good Vs Evil on iTunes. Follow KXNG Crooked on Twitter.

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