Toronto Artist, Kavale, Releases ‘Carpe Diem’ Project

Toronto’s Kavale had me hooked a few months ago with his rendition of Mad Cobra’s “Flex” with his track suiting the same title. I’m a little bummed that the single didn’t make it onto his newly released project, Carpe Diem, but it’s still solid without it. The 10-track album is split in two parts, Now and Forever. The transition is smooth as “M.I.A” is the last song of part one and it concludes with a soft, fading voice, “You know where to find me”, and begins part two with “West Drive”. There is no lack of bass and hi-hats as the whole project bumps with production mainly from Kavale but also Julius, Pierre- Alain & Derrick Ingram. There are only three features including Missouri artist, Trey Forever, as well as KTLN and Julius. My favorite track is “Perfect/Will You” because we hear a raw emotion from Kavale and although the bass is still hitting heavy, the track is more mellow. You won’t want to skip any songs with this project. Check out Carpe Diem below.



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