Forgiven x Marga Lane


Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Marga Lane, took her dreams of being a professional recording artist and made them a reality. Upon graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, the native New Yorker, moved to Los Angeles and now has been touring across the U.S. performing at fashion weeks, singing the national anthem at NBA and MLB games and has even be featured on Lance Bass Sirius XM radio show, “Dirty Pop”. Last year she began compiling a 5-track project that chronicles love and loss and it is set to release December 2nd entitled, Undressed. The second single off the forthcoming album is “Forgiven” and it is a beautiful ballad of regret with a sullen and melancholic tone. Lane says this of her artistry:

“I write a lot of love songs and love is synonymous with belief. I would hope my music inspires people to have a belief in the power of love. Whether it’s love for yourself or love for another. You can believe that you are meant to be with a certain person or believe that you can overcome circumstances because you love yourself enough to.”

Undressed is produced by fellow Berklee alumni Matt Bobb and showcases raw acoustic guitar, soulfully layered vocals and distinctive melodies. Get a feel of what to expect below with “Forgiven”.

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