16 Bars of Freedom x Daru Jones & Borahm Lee


Daru Jones (drummer for Jack White) and keyboardist Borahm Lee (Break Silence) collaborate for what they call “the anthem for our generation”. “16 Bars of Freedom” is pure instrumental but yet it summons feelings and emotions just as a lyricist would. Antodope does a great job of putting your emotions in a reality check by creating a video to pair along that showcases a range of violent to mournful protests, minorities in the streets fighting for their human rights to Native Americans fighting for clean water. The two linked in 2014 in Queens, NY on MLK Day to compose this masterpiece, added final touches in 2015 and they have finally decided to release it after a series of world events and to also pay respect to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Daru Jones says this of working with Borahm on the track:

“Personally, “16 Bars of Freedom” is a reminder of where we were and where we are today with the issue’s that we’re still facing in the world; while also letting people know we can do something about it—just like Dr. King did. We’re using our talents to be the voice and putting positive vibes out into the world to create an awareness that music is both powerful and healing.”

I have nothing but respect for these two and that they are using their voices to invoke change and bring awareness. Check out the clip below.

Follow Daru Jones on Twitter. Follow Borahm on Twitter.

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