Medication x Damian Marley (Feat. Stephen “Ragga” Marley)


Damian Marley drops his new video for the 4/20-released track, “Medication”, featuring Stephen “Ragga” Marley exclusively on Tidal. Shot at the former Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, CA; “Medication” shows the contrast between past and present, featuring the prisoners who once lived there and the plants that thrive there now. Leading to the new video are testimonials from individuals whose quality of life have improved through the use of cannabis.

“The video showcases the night and day of what this prison used to be. This place used to house human beings and now is a place that houses plants – some of those humans were once upon a time locked up because of these plants. We are showing the contrast, and what has become something positive and beneficial for so many people.”Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Leading up to the debut, both Damian and Stephen, have posted a series of #Cannabisheals testimonals to their social media accounts. The testimonials and music video are produced by Scheme Engine and directed by photographer and director Nick Waller, feature a number of patients who have benefited from the use of cannabis for healing purposes.

These are living testimonies of the benefits of this plant. This plant saves lives…. Wake Up. Education before Recreation.”Stephen “Ragga” Marley

Watch “Medication” on Tidal.


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