Nitty Scott Drops “Mujeres Atómicas”-Inspired From Atomic Blonde


Nitty Scott is the definition of Afro-Latina girl power that resonates with girls and women from all cultures. Her catchy and fierce wordplay will have you feeling confident on any given day and her new track is just another addition. Nitty went to the offices of Rezmecla (a Latin culture based media company) to record “Mujeres Atómicas” which she wrote inspired from the new movie, Atomic Blonde. As always, she perfectly gives us Spanglish verses with sexy, yet intimidating play-on spy lyrics.

This shortly comes after her latest album release, Creature! The 13-track album dives into a tropical world of “Pxssy Powah” that only Nitty can give us. The Afro/hip-hop beats will have you dancing along with the mix of Latin flavor making you feel secluded on an island. Watch the clip for “Mujeres Atómicas” below and afterwards, listen to Creature! 

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