Pearls & Power Brunch [Event]

This Sunday, July 30th, presented by BeEpic Management is The Pearls & Power Brunch. The purpose of the brunch is for women to come together to unite with other entrepreneurs and to empower one another. Sharing experiences on how each has overcome obstacles and made scarifies while still striving for greatness. The brunch will be from 2 pm-6 … Continue reading Pearls & Power Brunch [Event]

Strangers x AObeats & Annabel Jones

After remixing two of Annabel Jones hits, "Magnetic" and "IOU", AObeats pairs with the songstress for a choppy bass filled "Strangers". The track is sure to be a hit for the season as Annabel's soulful vocals ride over AO's bouncy, club-ready production. Hearing this song in public would make you want to dance with "Strangers". Vibe … Continue reading Strangers x AObeats & Annabel Jones

WIBW: Don’t Walk Away x Jade

Tonya Kelly, Joi Marshall and Di Reed made up 90's girl trio, Jade. Their hit single, "Don't Walk Away", is a dance soul classic that has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. It is found on their 1992 album, Jade To The Max. Wind it back with Jade. Fun Fact: The song samples Kool & the Gang's, "Jungle … Continue reading WIBW: Don’t Walk Away x Jade

How To Build While Being Young and In Love

Within the past year, there has been an influx of people pushing this agenda of being a player, not caring about other people, being petty and more negative aspects that can destroy relationships. While most just might be for show for the Internet, it is very odd that people even want to co-sign this type … Continue reading How To Build While Being Young and In Love

ToD Recap: Interviews From Unplugged: Live From The 718

On June 25th at The Paperbox in Brooklyn, Dapa Don, held his Unplugged: Live From The 718 event. It was a pretty fun night and I got to catch up with performers Nitty Scott, Chase N. Cashe and the host, Cleverly Chloe. Visuals by Kumo Shai of KuPointOfView.

Brooklyn Bred Muzik Presents: Unplugged Live From The 718

Dapa Don is always on go mode when it comes to his music and this Sunday he will be putting on his second show of the year. Unplugged Live From The 718 will be held at The Paper Box in Brooklyn featuring dope performances, on-sight catering and vendors. Performing for the night is SUS R&B, Jus Smith, Abso … Continue reading Brooklyn Bred Muzik Presents: Unplugged Live From The 718

Medication x Damian Marley (Feat. Stephen “Ragga” Marley)

Damian Marley drops his new video for the 4/20-released track, "Medication", featuring Stephen "Ragga" Marley exclusively on Tidal. Shot at the former Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, CA; "Medication" shows the contrast between past and present, featuring the prisoners who once lived there and the plants that thrive there now. Leading to the new video … Continue reading Medication x Damian Marley (Feat. Stephen “Ragga” Marley)

Offset x Lavati (Collection 2)

  Offset of Migos has transitioned his style the past few years and right now he has hood, high fashion approach that suits him very well. It's no surprise that Lavati wanted the rap rockstar as the face for their second footwear collection. The New York designed, Italian-handcrafted brand added new models such as the grey … Continue reading Offset x Lavati (Collection 2)

ToD Review: Chicken George x Dapa Don

It wouldn't be right if Dapa Don didn't start his newest project, Chicken George, with a feature from Biggie Smalls just like on #FOOD2 and letting us all know he "Just Can't Quit" (the Ron Isley inspired ad-libs add a nice touch too). Piggybacking off his last two albums he decides to keep food incorporated in the … Continue reading ToD Review: Chicken George x Dapa Don