ToD Interview: Chisom Perfectly Blends Afrobeat & Hip-Hop

Growing up in a traditional Nigerian home and being influenced by the urban scene of Baltimore, helped artist, Chisom, to create his sound and own genre. The 23-year-old producer, rapper and creative director, effectively blends afrobeat and hip-hop to create a vibrant sound that can surely resonate throughout the world. I was put on to … Continue reading ToD Interview: Chisom Perfectly Blends Afrobeat & Hip-Hop

Africa Get Money x Chisom

Detroit native, Chisom, is taking pride in his Nigerian roots in his latest single, "Africa Get Money". ┬áThis lively rap meets afrobeat anthem finds the MC/producer celebrating the new wave of African culture in America by showing love to West Africa, Kente loafers, jollof rice and Ankara print-clad ladies. This groove is found on,┬áThe Jordan … Continue reading Africa Get Money x Chisom