ToD Interview: Jasmyn Milan

Jasmyn Milan is a 21 year old visual artist based out of North Carolina but originally from Wilmington Delaware. She used her fears and insecurity of eye contact with others to help jump start her passion for art and created abstract characters with cooky eyes. Having her pieces relate back to herself is very well … Continue reading ToD Interview: Jasmyn Milan

X The Artist Discusses His #CHOPSTIXX Collab

X The Artist never ceases to amaze me with the innovative work he puts out and he is always setting himself apart from an artist who only dwells in one lane. Two years ago he released an art tape entitled, ARTOMED, which consisted of visuals from artists that showcased live art, body paint, sculptures, percussion and music including … Continue reading X The Artist Discusses His #CHOPSTIXX Collab

Mar Reynolds Announces Sophomore Album & Drops First Single

First Life artist, Mar Reynolds, will be releasing his sophomore album (for free) entitled, Attack II, on Halloween. To get everyone prepared for the upcoming project he releases the first single-"II". Attack II is a follow-up from his debut, Attack, which he dropped on his birthday April 8, 2013 and later that same day he was arrested. … Continue reading Mar Reynolds Announces Sophomore Album & Drops First Single

Don’t Fear Me X Colby Crump

Colby Crump is back with a new track - "Don't Fear Me". This time he takes a break from his usual style of laid-back production and goes for a grandeur edge. Squealing synths and serious cello strings make up the song and vocally Colby provides more or less of his usual auto-tuned rap singing. I'm getting … Continue reading Don’t Fear Me X Colby Crump

You Can Tell Your Friends X Apo11oTONE

Charlotte producer and artist, Apo11oTONE, has done a lot of producing for artists this year but this time he decides to drop off his own track. "You Can Tell Your Friends" stems from recent events in TONE's life as people he were once close friends with turn out to be somewhat shady when he takes a … Continue reading You Can Tell Your Friends X Apo11oTONE

WANTED2013 X Austin Royale

It has been a good summer for Austin Royale from performing at at his collective's SUMMER PLUS+ event, as well as The Joint Off 36th & The Clean Slate 704's "4th Off 36th: World Tour" July 4th festival. He wraps it up by releasing a new track entitled "WANTED2013" which is just one in a series of … Continue reading WANTED2013 X Austin Royale


NiGE HOOD and Studio Grey Blue team up to create an aesthetically pleasing video for NiGE's "Ear Gum" off his Return Of The Nasty project. A young man is home alone and decides to try a stick of "Ear Gum" and all of a sudden reality and another dimension become one. Whatever is in that gum I … Continue reading EAR GUM X NiGE HOOD (Video)

Soul Searchin’ EP X Yung Citizen

It always takes me by surprise when I only know a producer for just that and they come out of the woodwork and can actually rap or sing. Yung Citizen is an individual of that nature as he showcases his talents on his recent Soul Searchin' EP. This is his third project and the title fits exactly … Continue reading Soul Searchin’ EP X Yung Citizen

Purple Moon X Chuck Thurgood

Chuck Thurgood documents the last month of his life filled of reckless moments with his friends, being around gorgeous females, and going hard everyday, having fun in his new EP, Purple Moon. He released the three track project for his 23rd birthday and it is an experimental hip-hop feel produced by Nedarb Nagrom. Chuck says, "I made it to … Continue reading Purple Moon X Chuck Thurgood