Enter The Dazzle: DJ Daz Unreleased Beat Tape of 2014

Two years ago when I was fully immersed into my life of being a radio personality, I began to have an interest in producing. Listening to new music from artists went beyond the lyrics and flows but the production and engineering of the track also came into play. How someone can sit and bring sounds … Continue reading Enter The Dazzle: DJ Daz Unreleased Beat Tape of 2014

DJ Daz & Th3 Higher Presents: The Chosen Sound Vol. 2

Tyme-Lis of Th3 Higher and I are back with the second installment of The Chosen Sound series featuring more North Carolina producers. As stated before, we choose 10 producers or less for this series and with receiving over 50 submissions we picked only 6. Giving you dope vibes are Apo11oTONE, GROVE$IDE, Jerm Scorsese, Fatman Leek, Benny Lasco and ED$. Enjoy below.

#BecauseItsSummerTime EP X Alex Beano

It's always a good reason to do anything during the summertime whether it be to go on vacation, find a new love or drop a beat tape. Alex Beano decides to take the last suggestion and drop his EP, #BecauseItsSummerTime. The chill vibes mixed with samples of Pimp C, Chris Tucker and more will have you playing this poolside.