Hell Is Where Rappers Belong x BLKBOYTAY

On Tuesday BLKBOYTAY dropped a loosie for the people and he also shared with me that he had something special coming later this week. For Halloween he gives us an appropriate themed song and video entitled, "Hell Is Where Rappers Belong". The video is self-directed and edited by TAY and is full of cliche's and other mainstream rapper-esque … Continue reading Hell Is Where Rappers Belong x BLKBOYTAY


Only a few weeks after his release of the groovy single, "Sounds Like Los Angeles", Baltimore native, BLKBOYTAY, comes back with a heartfelt freestyle over a purely hip-hop production created by mastermind, 40 Hands. Listen below. Side Groove: Look out for something special dropping from TAY soon. Follow BLKBOYTAY on Twitter.

Sounds Like Los Angeles X BLKBOYTAY

Baltimore native, BLKBOYTAY, recruits one of the most highly regarded producers out right now, Oshi, for his new track-"Sounds Like Los Angeles." The song has ups and downs but not once do you stop dancing along. I've never been to LA before but I would imagine it would sound something like this. Listen below. Follow … Continue reading Sounds Like Los Angeles X BLKBOYTAY