Ketamine x Boa BanX

NC artist, Boa BanX, blesses his audience with a new visual from his first EP, Ones: Volume 1, entitled "Ketamine". If you aren't aware, Ketamine is the anesthetic drug used to place people in pain relieving, memory affected and sedative states. On this track Banx displays a metaphoric flow that takes the listener on the journey of what … Continue reading Ketamine x Boa BanX

Early Knights x Boa BanX

North Carolina artist, Boa BanX, branches off from creating music to direct his own video for "Early Knights". Boa roams the streets and ends up running into an attractive woman with impeccable style at a museum who he then day dreams about in the back of a limo. It's a smooth visual to coincide with … Continue reading Early Knights x Boa BanX