What Is Life (Part 2: Chopped & Screwed) X King Callis

Brunch was a success for King Callis last year as people outside of Charlotte took notice, giving Callis the boost for his career that he needed. This year he is bringing us Brunch one more time but it is a chopped & screwed menu. He brings along producer, Cloudtrap, to chop & screw the project and it … Continue reading What Is Life (Part 2: Chopped & Screwed) X King Callis

Don’t Stop X King Callis (Visual)

For King Callis' next visual off Brunch, he is found rapping under a freeway for the track "Don't Stop." This is a very casual video where Callis is just making us focus more on the message than an extravagant video filled with drugs and girls. There's a cameo from Mic Iver in this one. Check … Continue reading Don’t Stop X King Callis (Visual)

Brunch X King Callis (Mixtape)

I know by now we are familiar with King Callis and the fact that he was releasing his mixtape, Brunch. Hard copies have been out for a few weeks and with the positive feedback of the tape and his release party alongside of it, this is sure to be a Charlotte classic. With Brunch, Callis is putting all … Continue reading Brunch X King Callis (Mixtape)

Brunch Release Party

This Friday at Dupp & Swat, King Callis will be officially releasing his long awaited debut mixtape, Brunch. The event will be held from 7-11 pm and will feature great performances from Mic Iver, Tim Stacks, Well$, Black Peace, Kaos, of course King Callis and more. Copies of the mixtape will be sold at the … Continue reading Brunch Release Party