$.O.E. Freestyle x Marcu$

Marcu$ has made his way from Raleigh, NC to San Diego, CA and just because the scenery changed, that doesn't mean his grind to drop new gems does. In his new track, Marcu$ informs the public that you should be more worried about profits then who's poppin and longevity than who's on Beverly . Listen as … Continue reading $.O.E. Freestyle x Marcu$

Noise In The Hood Underground Music Festival 2016 Lineup

  After going back and forth with AEG's Coachella, Kamil Al-Ahdali-the founder and CEO of the previously known Hoodchella Underground Music Festival-has released the lineup for Noise In The Hood Underground Music Festival. Last year, the independent music festival showcased over 60 underground artists from local to around the world performing in a 16 hour, all day and … Continue reading Noise In The Hood Underground Music Festival 2016 Lineup

Come Get This Love x Billionaire Buck

Compton native and LA resident, Billionaire Buck, releases the official video for his single, "Come Get This Love", featuring songstress Laila V. The visual shows Buck and his love interest in the snow for a romantic getaway. While Buck supplies the pied-piper verses, his leading lady counters with the not much left to the imagination sex … Continue reading Come Get This Love x Billionaire Buck

#SAVEHOODCHELLA: Beyond The Scandal

A few months back, I open my Instagram app like I do everyday to check my feed and if I have any new followers or likes. I noticed a plus one on my followers and a music festival out of Los Angeles by the name of Hoodchella followed me. I clicked the name and saw the … Continue reading #SAVEHOODCHELLA: Beyond The Scandal

Feel This X Spends Quality (Prod. Brycon)

Hailing from The Golden State is lyrical rapper, Spends Quality. He gives us the laid back, "dusted" track "Feel This." He has released two solo albums and is owner and founder of CFO Records, so Spends is an artist that you need to keep on your list. Vibe out to his new track below. Notable … Continue reading Feel This X Spends Quality (Prod. Brycon)

City Chicks Interview

The marijuana community is a thriving one and with just about everyone claiming to be a "stoner" these days, making friends is easier than ever. I myself might or might not partake in floating on Cloud 9 and having something funny to watch while sitting high is always a must (along with having the snacks … Continue reading City Chicks Interview