Tupac Murder Confession x Cambatta

September 13, 1996 marks the day that Tupac Shakur was murdered and 20 years later, Cambatta confesses to taking his life. Of course, the CT lyricist did not actually kill Tupac but the way he puts himself in the shoes of the killer and delivers a mythical first person narrative for his newest, "Tupac Murder … Continue reading Tupac Murder Confession x Cambatta

Cambatta Breaks Down “The Womb” For Rap Genius

Cambatta's metaphorical riddle that is his track "The Womb" will have you in a doozy if you can't decipher multi-layered entendres quickly but have no fear. The New Haven, CT artist breaks down the track from his new album,┬áSmoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definite MetaGod Trilogy) for┬áRap Genius. After a joke about NASA wanting him to … Continue reading Cambatta Breaks Down “The Womb” For Rap Genius