INTROverted x Elzhi

“You got some shit, but wait 'til mines drop!” says Elzhi in his latest single for his now dropped album, Lead Poison. The Detroit rapper, who got his start alongside Dilla in Slum Village, released "INTROverted" yesterday to stir the pot once more before the release. From feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, lacking interest and … Continue reading INTROverted x Elzhi

Good Food x Ali.GOOD

  Reagan-era funk, supplementing his college education with lyrics from the golden age of hip-hop and cruising to '93 Cube are just a few things that Detroit MC, Ali.GOOD, enjoys along with putting out quality music. "Good Food" is a 5th Sequence produced track off Ali.GOOD's forthcoming seven-song demo tape, Noir En Amérique. The song sheds a musical … Continue reading Good Food x Ali.GOOD

Africa Get Money x Chisom

Detroit native, Chisom, is taking pride in his Nigerian roots in his latest single, "Africa Get Money".  This lively rap meets afrobeat anthem finds the MC/producer celebrating the new wave of African culture in America by showing love to West Africa, Kente loafers, jollof rice and Ankara print-clad ladies. This groove is found on, The Jordan … Continue reading Africa Get Money x Chisom