ToD Recap: Pop Sh%t Featuring Nitty Scott & Distortedd

This past Saturday I took a break from my boring Connecticut life to have a good time in Chinatown at an art event that I had been waiting to attend for two months. The event was an art party to be exact, presented by Married To The Mob and featuring Distortedd & Nitty Scott, and … Continue reading ToD Recap: Pop Sh%t Featuring Nitty Scott & Distortedd

ToD Interview: Distortedd

She has quickly made a name for herself with her signature gruesome girly flair and "trippy eye" detail being the focus of her art, she was one of the first visual artists at SXSW to have her own party and showcase, she's also one of the first artists to go on a city tour just … Continue reading ToD Interview: Distortedd