Wild Thoughts (NOTD Dance Remix) x DJ Khaled Feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

The moment DJ Khaled dropped his Carlos Santana inspired track, "Wild Thoughts", it was a summer hit-especially with the help of Rihanna and Bryson. There have been plenty of remixes to the song, even Fabolous and A Boogie did one, but this NOTD Dance remix is the best. NOTD is a Sweden-based producer who takes … Continue reading Wild Thoughts (NOTD Dance Remix) x DJ Khaled Feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

Strangers x AObeats & Annabel Jones

After remixing two of Annabel Jones hits, "Magnetic" and "IOU", AObeats pairs with the songstress for a choppy bass filled "Strangers". The track is sure to be a hit for the season as Annabel's soulful vocals ride over AO's bouncy, club-ready production. Hearing this song in public would make you want to dance with "Strangers". Vibe … Continue reading Strangers x AObeats & Annabel Jones

Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence x Cherub

Nashville duo, Cherub, has released their new single, "Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence", that will be off their forthcoming sophomore album with the same name via Columbia Records. "Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence is an album that has been over two years in the making," says Jason Huber & Jordan Kelley. "We did what makes sense to us...use the … Continue reading Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence x Cherub

F**K X The Code

UK artist/producer duo, The Code, are here with "F**K"-the third installment from their forthcoming EP entitled, Blue Electronica. They had sensational responses from the first two singles off the project and this one is yet another flawlessly polished cut and one that continues to leave listeners intoxicated by their sound. They effortlessly combine R&B undertones and a smoldering … Continue reading F**K X The Code

Happiest Man On Earth X Broken Back

Singer, songwriter and producer, Broken Back, is a French artist that is the "Happiest Man On Earth." The visual portrays a young man on a journey; humour runs throughout, and yet there is something distinctly poignant and affective about what we are watching. Bright colors, numerous emotions and countless experiences pass him by. It all … Continue reading Happiest Man On Earth X Broken Back