ToD Sponsors: #Hunger [Event]

ToD is proud to announce it is a sponsor for Dapa Don's next show, #Hunger, on May 14th in Brooklyn. This show will serve as promotion for his recently released project, #FOOD2. Presented by Brisk Beauties and Brooklyn Bred Muzik the event will be held at The Basement Bar (249 Varet Street, Brooklyn, NY) and … Continue reading ToD Sponsors: #Hunger [Event]

ToD Recap: Pop Sh%t Featuring Nitty Scott & Distortedd

This past Saturday I took a break from my boring Connecticut life to have a good time in Chinatown at an art event that I had been waiting to attend for two months. The event was an art party to be exact, presented by Married To The Mob and featuring Distortedd & Nitty Scott, and … Continue reading ToD Recap: Pop Sh%t Featuring Nitty Scott & Distortedd

TheiNHouse2 Recap Video

The weekend before Thanksgiving was a blast for me. My friend from back home in Charlotte visited me in my new location of Connecticut and we had one hell of an adventure. One stop we took along the way was to a day party held at Friends & Lovers in Brooklyn called TheiNHouse. This was … Continue reading TheiNHouse2 Recap Video

Event Recap: #MovingArtATL NY Edition

Painted models, aerial yoga, dope paintings, crystal jewelry, henna tattoos and more made up the New York edition of #MovingArtATL. The force that is Moving Art has beginnings in Atlanta and is surely spreading across the nation. Last night, creatives met up at Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn to see yoga meet art. I've seen yoga … Continue reading Event Recap: #MovingArtATL NY Edition

(Soul)cial Consciousness/Souls N Substance

The young adults of this generation are more socially aware of everything that is going on in the world more than any other generation before. We do not sit around and allow the media to tell us lies, we question everything that happens in the world, we are more aware of self and how we … Continue reading (Soul)cial Consciousness/Souls N Substance