Trouble x Ferris Bueller

Hot off the heels of his WEST project, Ferris Bueller gives us a visual for the second single found on the EP, "Trouble". Ferris takes us to the street to show life before you make it to the top and start to shine. He leaves everyone with inspiration from this track and video. My favorite part is the … Continue reading Trouble x Ferris Bueller

ToD Review: WEST x Ferris Bueller

NC native, Ferris Bueller, tells a tale of a gateway out of the streets through music on his newest project, WEST. The album's concept is centered around the acronym W.E.S.T. which stands for "We Eventually Shine Through". Taken from real life scenarios that he's personally experienced or seen, this is an album that gives motivation to … Continue reading ToD Review: WEST x Ferris Bueller