Hell Naw x Mark Edmond

Remember the video of Bishop Bullwinkel that surfaced over the summer featuring the God-fearing old man singing, "Hell To The Naw Naw"? Well Florida artist, Mark Edmond, takes the catchy lyrics and twists them into a track about facing adversity. He reveals that people want him to fold and that he will never sell his … Continue reading Hell Naw x Mark Edmond

Fre$h Touch Featuring Motivated Jay

  Being young and having an entrepreneurial drive can have it's ups and downs. You are young so you feel as if you have so much time to take over the world yet with your young age, there is doubt from people that you can even accomplish your goals. Janiya Whittington aka Jay is the … Continue reading Fre$h Touch Featuring Motivated Jay

Who The F**k Is Tre$ide Cool Documentary

Tre$ide Cool is an indie hip-hop artist repping for Polk County, Florida aka Treside. He has released a mini documentary that lets people see where he grew up, how he was brought up, what music means to him and other topics. Step into the world of Tre$ide Cool. Follow Tre$ide Cool on Twitter/Check out his official website. … Continue reading Who The F**k Is Tre$ide Cool Documentary

Loyalty X Prince Greg (Prod. by Jigg)

Prince Greg pays homage to everyone who has been loyal for him throughout his life with his track, "Loyalty." No matter who you are or what you do, you are loyal to someone and something and he wants to remind everyone "that will never change" on his end. This single will be found on his … Continue reading Loyalty X Prince Greg (Prod. by Jigg)