ToD Sponsors: #Hunger [Event]

ToD is proud to announce it is a sponsor for Dapa Don's next show, #Hunger, on May 14th in Brooklyn. This show will serve as promotion for his recently released project, #FOOD2. Presented by Brisk Beauties and Brooklyn Bred Muzik the event will be held at The Basement Bar (249 Varet Street, Brooklyn, NY) and … Continue reading ToD Sponsors: #Hunger [Event]

Nothing On U x Dapa Don Feat. Heartbreak Mellz

Dapa Don has released my favorite track off his #FOOD2 project and it's none other than, "Nothing On U" featuring Heartbreak Mellz. "Nothing On U" opens up with smooth vocals from Heartbreak Mellz who serenades the ladies into Dapa Don's opening verse. Throughout the song, Dapa wins a female over by telling her how other girls … Continue reading Nothing On U x Dapa Don Feat. Heartbreak Mellz

ToD Review: #FOOD2 x Dapa Don

It's only right that Brooklyn native, Dapa Don, starts off the second installment of his #FOOD series with Notorious B.I.G's famous, "...Niggas is trying to eat, that's all I look at it as, niggas want food..." Then enters a piano, smooth melodies and Dapa to bring in the mood for the tape. It doesn't take long for … Continue reading ToD Review: #FOOD2 x Dapa Don

Riot Music x Dapa Don

With the next single off his forthcoming project, #FOOD2, Brooklyn artist Dapa Don looks to get the people moving and letting the masses know he's here to bring the energy with "Riot Music". Assisted with some thumping production from Dre Minor, Dapa brings yet another track that shows #FOOD2  will definitely be something to check out. Dapa will … Continue reading Riot Music x Dapa Don