ToD Interview: Distortedd

She has quickly made a name for herself with her signature gruesome girly flair and "trippy eye" detail being the focus of her art, she was one of the first visual artists at SXSW to have her own party and showcase, she's also one of the first artists to go on a city tour just … Continue reading ToD Interview: Distortedd

ToD Interview: Diani Ellison

  Two years ago, myself and a photographer by the name of Diani Ellison, met in Charlotte, NC to create our first shoot together and also chopped it up about her photography brand that was then called, centrvlXchnge. We had both went to The University of South Carolina at Aiken back in 2011 and only … Continue reading ToD Interview: Diani Ellison

X The Artist Discusses His #CHOPSTIXX Collab

X The Artist never ceases to amaze me with the innovative work he puts out and he is always setting himself apart from an artist who only dwells in one lane. Two years ago he released an art tape entitled, ARTOMED, which consisted of visuals from artists that showcased live art, body paint, sculptures, percussion and music including … Continue reading X The Artist Discusses His #CHOPSTIXX Collab

ToD Interview on Cashmerely’s Who Got Next?

Tuesday morning, I got the incredible opportunity to be featured on a new underground hip-hop radio show on Power 104.4 FM from personality, Cashmerely, in Charlotte, NC called "Who Got Next?". This is the first time I have been on the radio since May 2015 and it felt really nice to be on the airwaves … Continue reading ToD Interview on Cashmerely’s Who Got Next?

Touch of Daz: Ralph Solo Interview

Ralph Solo isn't new to ToD but this time around we get to chop it up about his eccentric artistry and what he is bringing to the Charlotte scene. In our interview we also touch on his past projects, Oasis and BabyLawn, what is next for his music and more. Check it all out below. Follow Ralph Solo … Continue reading Touch of Daz: Ralph Solo Interview