2011 x Will WildFire & Mballa

North Carolina artists, Will WildFire and Mballa, are no strangers when it comes to working together. This time they team together to express two different stories of love and heartache in their new visual, "2011". Will starts off the song, "You can't buy loyalty", and it sets the whole tone for the track as Mballa adds in that … Continue reading 2011 x Will WildFire & Mballa

Boomerang X Mballa (Prod. by Will WildFire)

R&B artist, Mballa, expresses her experience of pain and wanting to be longed for the person who's hurt her in the track, "Boomerang". The Will WildFire produced single combines her pop/R&B vocals with his notable guitar riffs and piano chords to make a great song. Mballa uses music as an outlet in her life to not only … Continue reading Boomerang X Mballa (Prod. by Will WildFire)