KANE┬áhas showed a few different sides to him as an artist musically ever since I featured his "Like Jimi" video back in May and his newest song "2NIGHT" is no different. He gives us a lethargic sound and all the while giving us romantic vibes with lyrics such as "..cause baby tonight I'mma hunt you … Continue reading 2NIGHT x KANE

Long Live A$AP Yams X Reggie Bonds

Milwaukee native, Reggie Bonds, reminiscences on the late A$AP Yams in his latest track, "Long Live A$AP Yams." On returning from a trip to NYC, Reggie taps 3 years back into his memory of a conversation he had with Yams. He uses this experience and his lyrical skills to make a track like none other … Continue reading Long Live A$AP Yams X Reggie Bonds