Pearls & Power Brunch [Event]

This Sunday, July 30th, presented by BeEpic Management is The Pearls & Power Brunch. The purpose of the brunch is for women to come together to unite with other entrepreneurs and to empower one another. Sharing experiences on how each has overcome obstacles and made scarifies while still striving for greatness. The brunch will be from 2 pm-6 … Continue reading Pearls & Power Brunch [Event]

Cambatta Breaks Down “The Womb” For Rap Genius

Cambatta's metaphorical riddle that is his track "The Womb" will have you in a doozy if you can't decipher multi-layered entendres quickly but have no fear. The New Haven, CT artist breaks down the track from his new album, Smoke & Mirrors: DMT (Definite MetaGod Trilogy) for Rap Genius. After a joke about NASA wanting him to … Continue reading Cambatta Breaks Down “The Womb” For Rap Genius