No Names x C.Shreve The Professor

The cover for C.Shreve The Professor's new single, "No Names", says a lot with the pile of snakes but it doesn't even compare how he comes at necks of artists with lyrics like, “People love to pop off and name drop all over the place. We worked hard to develop our names and earn our … Continue reading No Names x C.Shreve The Professor

ToD Review: Who TF Is Aleychia x Aleychia

She's only 18 years old but this North Carolina raptress comes full force like she's been in the game for a minute. She's already been featured in Hip-Hop Weekly's Indie Grind Spotlight and her music has been spun on 92.10 ChoiceFM and 101.9 KissFM-both in Eastern NC. She even has been blocked by Foxy Brown (yes, THE … Continue reading ToD Review: Who TF Is Aleychia x Aleychia

Who’s Making Noise In NC? (1st Quarter ’16)

North Carolina will always be my home and just because I have located to Connecticut doesn't mean I haven't stayed connected to my roots and watching the rising artists of the state. I have curated a first quarter list of 2016 of artists (in no particular order) that I feel are making the most noise … Continue reading Who’s Making Noise In NC? (1st Quarter ’16)

Dazzi Recommends: #SOTW x Corey Miller

It has been a minute since we have heard any noise from Corey Miller but the NC native is back with some new music and a visual for the summer. "#SOTW" is an ode to the hot days that are to come filled with laughter, cookouts, bikinis and more. In the visual, Corey is surrounded by family … Continue reading Dazzi Recommends: #SOTW x Corey Miller

Fade Away x C.Shreve The Professor (Video)

C.Shreve The Professor takes us through the beautiful mountainous scenery that is Boone, NC in his new video for "Fade Away". Filmed on top of Beech Mountain, on Appalachian State University’s campus, and at an FTO show in Asheville, Shreve seems a bit unsure of how his reflective track will be perceived.  The collaboration with Andrew Anderson … Continue reading Fade Away x C.Shreve The Professor (Video)

ToD Feature: Gold Racks Vintage Apparel

No matter what economic status you might be, there's nothing like finding a rad vintage piece from your local thrift shop. It's even better when you find that Backstreet Boys concert tee from the 90's you never got a chance to cop from a vintage thrift store based online. In my opinion, shopping online is … Continue reading ToD Feature: Gold Racks Vintage Apparel

ToD Premiere: HEAVEN x Jaypluss

It's literally been a year since I have heard from Jaypluss musically and maybe it's all apart of his marketing as an artist. Although he isn't as consistent as most artists these days, it works for Jay because he always drops QUALITY. "HEAVEN" is his latest blessing as Jay gives motivation to always strive for the bigger … Continue reading ToD Premiere: HEAVEN x Jaypluss