Dazzi Recommends: Blitz x Otown Marco

Orlando's own, Otown Marco, dabs his way through a hazy house and welcomes guest for a turn-up in the Nassacre-directed video for "Blitz". The Shade and Lonewolf produced track is super chill with Marco stating he only needs "two shots" to hit the "Blitz" (which can refer to bagging a girl at the corner store … Continue reading Dazzi Recommends: Blitz x Otown Marco

#BecauseItsSummerTime EP X Alex Beano

It's always a good reason to do anything during the summertime whether it be to go on vacation, find a new love or drop a beat tape. Alex Beano decides to take the last suggestion and drop his EP, #BecauseItsSummerTime. The chill vibes mixed with samples of Pimp C, Chris Tucker and more will have you playing this poolside.