ToD Feature: Mariela Nunez aka MaryTheHeathen

Mariela (Mary) Nunez aka MaryTheHeathen was born in Costa Rica but at the age of 9, relocated to Greensboro, NC. She has loved art ever since she was a kid but it wasn't until recently she decided to take it serious and become a "monster" of creating art.This feature is dedicated to knowing MaryTheHeathen and … Continue reading ToD Feature: Mariela Nunez aka MaryTheHeathen

ToD Feature: Christie Grant

Many women of color have taken different paths to empower other women of color while showcasing their abilities, whether it be through music, poetry or dance. Christie Grant of Atlanta, GA has taken her talent of being a painter to do so. Each one of her paintings shows a different aspect of WoC, that captivate … Continue reading ToD Feature: Christie Grant