Splash Brothers x Figga Face & Sef Luci

NY natives, Figga Face and Sef Luci, teamed up for "Splash Brothers" last year and it has got a lot of great recognition since then. So much that the track can now be found on Jay-Z's very own music streaming service, Tidal. You can stream the track below and for your on the go needs, stream it on … Continue reading Splash Brothers x Figga Face & Sef Luci

Break From NY X Sef Luci

Sef Luci is repping for NYC and giving everyone a touch of his upcoming self-titled project, S.E.F, with "Break From NY". In this track, Sef, is revealing a sexual relationship that starts off like a great thing but as the song progresses, he has no time for games and it dies out. Check it out below.