Spiked Punch (Event)

Another month, another edition of Spiked Punch presented by Rhymes & Designs. This Friday we are back at Dupp & Swat to give you nothing but good vibes starting at 7 pm. R&D will be launching their ArtLife Interview Series featuring Dion and Davita of Dupp & Swat, Dave Butler of DavehasWingz.com, Joshua Galloway-graphic designer … Continue reading Spiked Punch (Event)

Spiked Punch Art Tour: Stash on Trade

Spiked Punch officially started their tour in Charlotte on May 30th, June 7th they were in Raleigh NC, and now SP is back in Charlotte this Thursday (June 13th) for their third stop. The tour will be at Stash on Trade which is an urban store that sells exclusive sneakers, street-wear, and hats located in … Continue reading Spiked Punch Art Tour: Stash on Trade