Fre$h Touch Featuring HenchmenFace Clothing

"This brand recognizes the unrecognized and praises the unsung heroes. The henchmen that are responsible for the higher-ups success, we are dedicated to making a face for the faceless and creating a ripple effect that will invoke individuality." This is the mission statement of Charlotte based clothing line, Henchmen Face Clothing. They will soon be … Continue reading Fre$h Touch Featuring HenchmenFace Clothing

Fre$h Touch Of The Day: Fresh Baked Goods South

Yesterday I took a drive to NoDa (N. Davidson) to get wings from the NoDa deli. While I was waiting for the order I went into Dupp & Swat-they're in the same building. The store was being arranged and cleaned but a sale rack was in the middle of the studio floor with a sign … Continue reading Fre$h Touch Of The Day: Fresh Baked Goods South